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When I graduated as an Architect in the late 90's, Computer Generated Imagery took off: 3D imaging synthesized my taste for Fine Arts and my passion for Architecture.




ntil October 2016 I have offered my freelance services to architects, designers, property developers and engineers to help visualise what does not exist yet. My work has been used for architectural competition submissions, building permissions, impact surveys, publications and advertising campaigns.



ince October 2016 I work full time as a 3D Artist at Binyan Studios 3D Visualisation.  I am responsible for the delivery of high quality CGIs to Binyan clients.




y role requires many different skills sets including taking a brief and interpreting it correctly in both style and quality, producing high quality 3D architectural renders and working as part of a team to ensure that production numbers remain high without loss of quality or creativity. I am able to work creatively under pressure, I am well organised, ambitious and I pay strong attention to detail.



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Finally, my job is to capture and share the essence of a site-specific moment …